More ways to share (via News)

What a cool extension. Love it. Used to have an add button but this works just as easy.

More ways to share Starting today there is a new way for your readers to share the posts on your blog with friends. This feature allows you to add sharing functionality from a range of services to the bottom of your blog posts. Here's a quick video introduction: To begin with we have the following services for you to choose from. If there is a service missing from the list, don't worry! You can add your own custom services as well. Facebook … Read More

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Photo Journal: pic of the day inspired by Van Gogh

Ever since I saw Van Gogh’s paintings of blossom as a child blossom has remained special to me.¬† What a joy that it is blossom time in Christchurch.

First the Magnolias in Hagley Park

And later the Cherry Blossom

Spring has definitely arrived.

New Theme: Oulipo (via News)

Looks like a winner to me.

New Theme: Oulipo Are you tired of clutter? Are you looking for a theme that puts the focus on your content and gets out of the way? Meet Oulipo, our newest theme. Oulipo's clean, grid-based design and elegant typography make it perfect for a one-page announcement site, a photoblog, a journal… or anything else you choose to showcase. [caption id="attachment_5000" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Example showing Oulipo's light color scheme and beautifully … Read More

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Want Instant Delivery of New Blog Posts & Comments? (via News)

I will try this out for sure.

Want Instant Delivery of New Blog Posts & Comments? Do you ever wish you could get instant notification of when your favorite bloggers update? Or even when a new comment is published on their blogs? If so, you might want to use a service called Jabber to make your blog conversations as fast as lightning (well, almost as fast). With Jabber, you get split-second delivery of new blog posts and co … Read More

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Photo Journal: Porters Pass and Psalm 121

Those that know me a little better know that I am not particularly a fan of snow. When people talk about snow fun I usually start to glare as snow fun used is like a “contradictio in terminus” for me. But, we ended up taking the boys to the snow. All the excuses¬† could not rescue me and in all fairness, I do not know a child that does not love snow.I tried hard to escape the inevitable, tried every excuse in the book yet to no avail. In hindsight I am glad, since I have to admit that I actually enjoyed being out there in Porters Pass.

And Porters Pass is where we had to go to find some snow. I must say what dd strike me we the amazing views on the way. In Psalm 121 we res how the the psalmist says

I lift up my eyes to the mountains, from where shall my help come. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

The psalmist looks at the mountains in their majesty and grandeur asking himself where his help shall come from. While fully aware that his help will not be coming from the mountains, they remind him of the grandeur of the One who created the earth, further realizing that it is this same Creator that will be his Helper. What a standard he sets by which to measure the divine resources available to the psalmist.

Now while the previous picture sort of provides a promise (of snow) I was truly blown away by the sights and light once we were up at the bottom of the ski field. I was amazed with the diversity of the views

Or what to think of these incredible Keas as if waiting to be snapped.

And once the sun comes down and is less sharp beautiful sights are waiting to be recorded on the camera.

What an amazing day this turned out to be. More to be expected soon on my flickr photo stream.

And what a great Helper and Keeper He turned out to be: I was surprised by joy in an environment I could not have disliked more. What was a nightmare for the sake of the children turned out to be a fantastic day with great company.Thanks Darryl and Melissa. Thank you God for making me go beyond and teaching me family first and setting aside my selfishness and showing me the grandeur of your creation and how you made a potential nightmare into a nice family day.

At the same time, some are just not as easily impressed lol.