Just Do It: Thoughts on Ecclasiastes 11:4

Todays Purpose Driven Connection email by Rick Warren focused on Ecclesiastes 11: 4

Whoever watches the wind will not plant, whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

In the email this was translated as

If you wait for perfect conditions you never get anything done.

The post continues with explanation how this promotes to serve with what you have and not wait until the circumstances are right. I could appreciate the idea and I suggest you go and read the post yourself here >>>.

For me it spoke to me from a different perspective. I have worked very hard to find the intellectual justification for myself to accept Christianity, years in hindsight, in fact many of them with the aim to debunk Christianity, and frustrated with the incompleteness and false arguments and misquotations of the Bible used by people like Hitchens, Dawkins, Spong, I knew there must be a better way. In the end it lead me to more and more appreciation for Christianity instead of the other way around. But that was the religious side of the matter.

At Harmony Church, I was introduced to the idea of a relation before a religion. Now while I had no trouble accepting the idea of a God creator, of the historicity of Christ and his teachings and even of the resurrection, but this was a bit more than I could grasp; in fact I brushed it away initially.  Knowing God was at best an intellectual commitment and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet it was something ‘cold’ and distant. I remember well how I had talks with members of the church and how I found it hard to imagine anything so personal with God of all potential parties. I researched, read,  studied, analysed, researched, read,  studied, analysed, researched, read,  studied, analysed, researched, read,  studied, analysed …..

I could not get my head around it no matter how hard I tried. In part out of curiosity in part tired of not finding the answers, in part because I wanted to a relationship with God to be a reality, I opened the door on 25 November 2009 and it made all the difference. I was not convinced yet but since I could not debunk the possibility either I gave up and gave in, far from ready or convinced: the rest is history. I was not ready, I was not worthy and  will never be, we all fall short in the end, bit what an amazing experience it has been so far and what an amazing journey I am taken on.

Thank God for not letting me wait until the wind and the clouds were perfect and for letting me learn through all the mistakes along the journey. How applicable the Nike slogan: “Just Do It”

2 thoughts on “Just Do It: Thoughts on Ecclasiastes 11:4

  1. Each to his own. Like childre we keep on digging into the sandbox. If there were no sandbox we’d find something else to do. Glad you found your sandbox seemingly brimming over with tons of sand and its free for as long as you are curious.

    • Mike what a cynical answer unless I misunderstand you. Yes my sandbox is brimming over with sand, but that is the amazing thing, it will be brimming over, and I am absolutely sure that there will not be a time when I need to look around for something else to do.

      I hope and pray we truly end up playing in this same sandbox eternally.

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