Is it God or my imagination? –

While reading through my Bible, I see places – many places – where God speaks to people: Adam, Moses, Abraham, Samuel, David, Paul and many more. In some cases, he was downright chatty, and there were some fascinating conversations between men and God.And as I read, I think, “What’s so special about these guys, that God talked to them? Were they better than I am?” I just can’t see a fundamental difference between us. What sets them apart was that God in most cases called them to some exceptional task for him. They were not in some way intrinsically superior.So does God speak in a similar manner to us today? Can God speak to us today? More to the point, does God speak to me today? As I read and pray and think, I can find no reason, either biblical or logical, that God would speak then but not now.So I concluded that I might be missing out on something I considered important. And I did not like it.

As a result, I began paying closer attention as I read my Bible and as I prayed, listening for the voice of God speaking to me.

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Now that’s a story I can relate to.

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