Photo Journal: Tom & John at Taylor’s Mistake, journal of a proud father

Some time ago we felt like some time on the beach and for a change went to Taylor’s Mistake, sort of around the corner of Sumner Beach in Christchurch. Taylor’s Mistake is a little bay and a surfer hangout. It also offers the option of a nice walk on the cliffs. Tom and I, both armed with a camera went out for a walk and had a blast of a time walking and shooting pictures while the rest was enjoying the beach below.

Tom, adamant that he will become an artists when he’s grown up, loves to draw an shoot pictures. I remember well how my high school arts and arts history classes opened me up for a better understanding of things like angles, lines and composition. And even though I am not a photographer, using these notions have helped me in making better pictures or make not so great pictures look better. (Or, better yet, I like to think that.) so that is what I do when I am out with Tom an the camera, an I am amazed how well he is developing an eye or a good picture.And then again I might just be a proud father. But considering his age (not even six) I was pretty amazed to find the following pictures on his camera:

As you can imagine hopefully, I am proud of my five year old, not only for the walk over the steep cliffs but also because of his incredible pictures.

As the day went on the sun got lower quickly leaving some amazing colors on the water.

All in all it turned into an another amazing family day on one of the many little chunks of paradise around Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.


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