‘Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Supernatural’

ROME, ITALY (ANS) — The audience of more than 270 doctors from some 40 countries around the world sat in stunned silence today (Friday, May 21, 2010) in the eternal city of Rome, as a renowned heart doctor produced evidence of how, after he had prayed for a patient who had died and was being prepared for the morgue and then he was brought back to life after that prayer.

Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV, who serves at the Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach, Florida, told this story during his dramatic presentation on the first day of a two-day conference at the 7th Annual World Christian Doctors Network “Spirituality and Medicine” Conference held at the Sheraton Roma Hotel and Conference Center in Rome.

Crandall, a born-again physician, produced dramatic evidence that was shown on big screens at the front of the hall where the medical professionals were meeting.

I joined the gathering and can report that you could literally feel the electric atmosphere as it swept through the hall, as Dr. Crandall told of the day — October 20, 2006 — when a middle-aged auto mechanic, Jeff Markin, walked into the Emergency Room at the Palm Beach Gardens Hospital and collapsed from a massive heart attack.

Forty minutes later he was declared dead. After filling out his final report, the supervising cardiologist, Dr. Chauncey Crandall, started out of the room.

In a later interview Dr. Crandall told me, “Before I crossed its threshold, however, I heard the audible voice of God telling me to turn around and pray for the dead patient.”

The doctor told the audience that he had learned to “follow that impulse” even if he was embarrassed.

“Father God,” he said, under his breath, “I cry out for this man’s soul. If he does not know you as his Lord and Savior, please raise him from the dead now, in Jesus’ name.”

With that and Dr. Crandall’s instruction to give the man what seemed one more useless shock from the defibrillator, Jeff Markin incredibly came back to life — and remains alive and well today.

Read the rest of this incedible story here ‘Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Supernatural.


What shall I say? You cold have told me this a year ago and I would have laughed in your face.We are born and raised in a a world that does not accept miracles as they go against anything that is natural and cannot be explained in that context. Miracles, raising people from the dead, that was mythology of the ancient times: or is it?  Yet, after seeing incredible things at two healing seminars myself, finding my own hearing substantially recovered just like that, and seeing the other amazing stuff happening at Harmony Church, especially amongst the youth this can no longer come as a surprise.It was bound to happen somewhere.

I remember well how Chad Dedmon brought healing and deliverance back to matters of expectation and perseverance and how thus it is all brought back to a question of faith.I guess these two bible verses summarize it exactly:

12I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. (John 14:12,13)


20For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. (1 Corinthians 4:20)

Praise the Lord.


11 thoughts on “‘Raising the Dead: A Doctor Encounters the Supernatural’

  1. I forwarded the video of Raising of the Dead to my pastor & he would really like to get a copy of the video to use as part of sermon at some time at our Church, La Crescenta Prebyterian Church, in La Crescenta, CA. Is there a possibility of obtaining one?

  2. I could not put this book down! Dr. Crandle’s belief in the power of prayer is both facinating and believeable! I strongly urge you to read his book; it will restore and strenghten your faith in GOD’s power to heal your body and soul.

  3. Please think about it…. miracles happen in all religions, in all cultures, among Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics and atheists as well. Christians do not own the patent on miracles! God or Nature or whatever it is, does not discriminate among us humans in all our delightful and strange diversity in the stories we have come up with to connect us to the ultimate. So rejoice in whatever you believe! But please do not be deluded into thinking there must be only ONE way! Open your minds and do some simple research! Ask your neighbor or colleague or club member or check-out check or someone who has a different belief than you, if they know of any “miracles” that happened within their circles.

    • Hi Holmkr (what is your real name as I normally do not allow for anonymous comments),

      Let me start of by saying that I agree with you in listing atheism as a religion (just a side pun). I think you are right in saying that other cultures/religions miracles happen as well, however the agnostic does not know and will argue that it may be a miracle it may be something we cannot explain yet, the atheist does not have any miracles, they have random chance, the odd chance or an event for which no explanation is available yet.

      This s not so much about clamng a patent on miracle and more about ascribing a certain event to God/Godly intervention. Jews do the same thing as well as Buddhists, Hindus etc. As for thinking there is only ONE way. If you are a Christian that is the way it is. Jesus (John 14:6) said: I am the way, the truth and the life, not I am one of the many ways, one of the many truths and one of the many ways to have life. The fact that my neighbors of other belief systems may know of miracles as well does not change anything where it comes to whom you ascribe the miracle and for Christians that is God.

      What is it that really upsets you my friend?

  4. In Crandall’s story, we are faced with a choice of two improbable conclusions. 1. That the Dr’s little voice persuaded the Creator of this vast Universe that He had erred in taking the patient’s soul and should reverse His decision. Or 2. That Crandall, a skilled but still fallible mortal had himself erred in pronouncing the patient dead. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether a fellow is still alive. Which of those two seems less improbable?

    Of course there is a third possibility, and that is that Dr. Crandall invented the story since the accounts I have read do not give either the patient’s name, the names of those who witnessed the event, nor even the exact time and place where the incident happened.

    Crandall’s credibility is already in doubt from his video repeatedly promising “free” information on heart health yet in the end one has to pay more then $50 to get that information.

    • Hi Jonathan, all good questions, but what struck me is that you leave out the possibility that “the Creator of these vast Universe” had not erred at all, that Dr Crandall did not “persuade” God at all but that God heard a prayer and decided to act upon in, out of love, or because of a larger plan. With God anything is possible as they say. Miracles happen, so why not this one. Perhaps there is more to this story than meets the eye in whatever way thinkable.

      As for the free heart health information, I guess there is another modern day marketing ploy, if it is as you say. That does not make it right but with “information” as the lure, you have a lot of room to pull people in to the paid products. I admit it is not nice technique.

  5. My first comment is that all things are possible with God. As to the truth of this particular miracle I have only the report of Dr Crandall to accept or reject. However I have also responded to the call to pray for others. On one occasion I was asked to visit Westmead Hospital in Sydney Australia to pray for a friend. This person had been on a life support system for several days and was not expected to live. The doctor in charge did not welcome my presence and stated that this person should be left to die with dignity. My prayer was short, “Ratnam you are a very sick man but I have come to pray for you.” Fourteen years later Ratnam is still in the land of the living. Over the years I have witnessed the miracle working power of God in my own family and in Christian ministry. Yes I have also witnessed the captives being set free. On one occasion when ministering in Sri Lanka I was asked to pray for lady who had not spoken for thirty-two years. On that occasion the dumb spirit left her. This jubilant lady was heard by many witnesses calling out ‘Pastor I can speak!. Pastor I can speak!
    The age of miracles has not passed. All things are possible with God.

  6. I am suspicious about people who report these unverifiable and unusual events, especially if they also try to scam people on other web sites telling them about “free gifts” to lure them into buying their news letter. I therefore think that Jonathan Allen’s last option is most likely the truth, sadly, but I hope in the doctor’s interest that it is actually option 2 and he was just wrong about the status of the patient. Dead patients suddenly living reports can be found everywhere, just recently one was reported out of Asia where the “deceased” awoke during his own funeral…

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