The Barna Group – Americans Feel Connected to Jesus

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, and texting, many Americans feel more connected to people than ever, but a new national survey by The Barna Group shows that Americans are not just connected to each other. One of the dominant connections in people’s lives is with Jesus Christ. In fact, more people claim to be closely connected to Jesus Christ than have a Facebook page or Twitter account.Close RelationshipThe Barna study, conducted among a random sample of 1,002 U.S. adults, discovered that two out of every three adults 67% claimed to have a “personal relationship” with Jesus that is currently active and that influences their life.While a majority of most demographic segments said they had such an active and personal relationship with Jesus, some segments were more likely than others to claim such a connection. For instance, women 72% were more likely than men 62% to do so. Protestants were more likely than Catholics to cite such a relationship 82% versus 72%. People who describe themselves as mostly conservative on social and political matters were far more likely than those who see themselves as liberal on such issues to connect with Jesus 79% compared to 48%. And one of the most instructive findings was that the younger a person was, the less likely they were to claim to have an active and influential bond with Jesus. Specifically, while 72% of adults 65 or older and 70% of Boomers i.e., ages 46 to 64 had such a relationship in place, 65% of Busters i.e., ages 27 to 45 and only 52% of Mosaics ages 18 to 26 did, as well.Communication in the RelationshipFor any relationship to be meaningful there must be effective two-way communication.

Read the rest via The Barna Group – Americans Feel Connected to Jesus.

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