How to Write a Great Novel: The Ten Best Fiction Writing Tips in Print

I know there are many out there that are working on writing a book. Therese Haberman shares some very helpful insight:

Writing a great novel is a challenging but rewarding undertaking. Understanding the key elements of what makes a book great before putting pen to the parchment can save a potential author many months of effort and editing. The following principles will guide those future Hemingway’s, who are willing to take heed and hard-earned advice.

Her fiction writing tips in summary:

  1. Don’t Write Anything that Does Not Move the Story Along

  2. Have More Front Story than Back Story to Keep the Reader’s Interest Intact

  3. Find a Sounding Board or Focus Group Who Will Not Try to Get Inside the Author’s Head

  4. Focus First and Foremost on Intricate Character Development

  5. Make Your Settings Shine With Exquisite Detail

  6. Maintain Emotional Truth

  7. Limit Any Coincidentals

  8. Lose Any and All Cliches

  9. Edit No More Than Twice

  10. Think of a Novel in Terms of the Beats and Rests of a Musical Symphony

I loved the post and I suggest you read the complete post as well  at How to Write a Great Novel: The Ten Best Fiction Writing Tips in Print.

More on Therese Haberman can be found here >>>

4 thoughts on “How to Write a Great Novel: The Ten Best Fiction Writing Tips in Print

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for your support on my recent article. Just please note that the first name is Therese and not Theresa. Folks may have trouble finding my Suite 101 and Ehow work under the wrong name.

    Take care and thanks again.


  2. Excellent tips. I would also recommend creating some sort of outline before you begin, if you’re not a total pantser. It helps you recognize when you get off track and start writing scenes that fail to “move the story along.”

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