Photo Journal: Eye and Psalm 123

This picture was taken earlier this week during a nice diner at the beach.
Psalm 123 seems fitting with the picture and makes it tie in with an earlier post of today on Art and Music as Prayer.

Psalm 123

A song of ascents.

I lift up my eyes to you, to you whose throne is in heaven.

As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, till he shows us his mercy.

Have mercy on us, O LORD, have mercy on us, for we have endured much contempt.

We have endured much ridicule from the proud, much contempt from the arrogant.

Chad Dedmon Bethel Healing School coming to Christchurch

Easter Monday 5th of April, Harmony Church will be hosting Chad Dedmon from Bethel Healing school who will be taking a Healing Seminar 2-5pm ($20 admission). Open meeting at 7pm(Offering taken).

About Chad

Chad is good friend of Joaquin Evans (Bethel Healing Rooms) who was with us at Harmony in March for Healing meetings where we saw some amazing healings.

Chad is in NZ for a series of conferences up North with Heidi Baker and other Bethel Church Staff and agreed to visit us in Christchurch for a day.

Chad and Julia Dedmon are ordained ministers through Bethel Church and the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Chad has appeared on the 700 Club and Sid Roth “It’s Supernatural”, and in Charisma Magazine. Julia is sadly not able to be with us on this occasion, but is also a gifted speaker, worship leader, and moves in prophetic song. Together they are passionate to see the Spirit of the Lord fully poured out on all nations and have travelled to 14 countries in the past year alone! The have seen the Kingdom of God come in love, power, salvation, and healing miracles!

Chad is bringing 2 interns from the School of Supernatural Ministry to minister with him.

via Chad Dedmon Bethel Healing School.

Hosted by Harmony Church, Christchurch

For more info call 03 338 4253 – –

What others say

England 2009:

New Wine Conference –
Legs grew, deaf ears opened

Chiswick Christian Centre-
Woman healed of fibroids on her uterus- doctors report verified of this!

South Africa 2009:

Wednesday night: legs grow, people healed

Thursday night: Julia did a soaking night with all the worship team members from Joshua Generation.  About 250 people showed up and the Father’s love was so strong.  People were healed and delivered all just by resting in the Father’s love.  I had them bring pillows and blankets to the church for the soaking time.  Myself and another team member, Kris played music and invited the Father’s love to come and minister to people: Jennie and Lexi prayed for people while they were resting in His love.

Thursday night:  Chad and James went into a poor SA township and prayed for the sick.  They saw 4 deaf ears open up and a little boy whose legs did not work properly began to run (everyone knew this little boy in the community).

Friday night: Went into an African community and saw so many healings there

Saturday:  Taught and trained on the Treasure Hunt model by Kevin Dedmon.  Released 250 people onto the streets of Cape town.  Saw salvations and many healings, miracles.

Pemba, Mozambique 2009:

Bush Outreaches

Partial deafness restored and pain in the right ear gone

Right left healed to lift and bend at the hip and knee

Multiple head pain healed

Lady healed of back injury, able to bend down and over again.

Muslim man healed of back pain, then received Jesus into his heart

Man healed of rheumatitis in leg, could bend and leg grew at outreach

American woman, visiting from Washington DC, deaf right ear shortly after birth. Prayed for many times, ear pops, then hearing and repeating from 12-15 ft away.

Mozambican pastors Bible school- 5+ year students

Many had encounters and got blasted in the Spirit. One pastor saw a vision of a bucket in the centre of class and that is where the pastor who got drunk first was sitting.

Harvest School of Mission

One of the most powerful activation sessions, many were activated in Word of Knowledge and many were healed that afternoon.

Girl healed of arrhythmia of the heart

Multiple legs grew out

Korean woman’s leg grew out and her back was healed from chronic pain

Bush outreach team leader healed of chronic pain in the elbow, then her leg grew out which released the pain in the hip.

Johannesburg- Breakthrough Life Church

Children activated in healing

Young woman received holy laughter and Jesus delivered from panic attacks, extreme fear and anxiety of being robbed.

Pastor’s son healed of a neck injury from doing butterfly jumps on a trampoline.

Woman’s right ear completely healed of deafness, heard and repeated words that were 15-20 ft away in a noisy room.

Man’s knee healed, pain from a soccer injury gone, had pain for 2 and half months.

Word of knowledge for heart transplant, woman felt heat in her heart and felt a change

Young woman experienced the Father’s love for the first time

Many legs grew out

Prayed for woman over the phone, scheduled to get neck surgery the next day, bones in her neck healed, MRI results showed complete healing, cancelled surgery! (received this testimony one week after the meeting

A word of knowledge 6 months was released. Woman responded and called her friend who had been in a car accident 6 months prior. God healed the left side of her body and pain immediately left, metal screws in her shoulder and elbow dissolved allowing full mobility. Chad prophesied over her life and family, which were accurate. She came to meeting the next night.

Hluhluhwe (between Johannesburg and Durban)

Woman’s knee pain-free for the first time in one and half year, couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time.

Several legs grew out!
Man’s elbow now pain-free, tested it out by holding a Bible and rotating his arm.
Middle-aged man healed 95% of conditions: back, sinus, head migranes. Had severe migranes since whiplash accident since he was 17.

Durban-Shiloh Ministries

Many people activated in Word of Knowledge during service.

Woman’s right knee healed, pain-free for the first time in 30 years!

Elbow healed and pain-free for the first time in 20 years!

Tailbone and lower back pain gone, pain for 6 years

man’s son healed of two rugby injuries: ankle and knee, even though he was not at the meeting.

Multiple legs grew out!

Right rib healed-Man fell off 8 foot ladder, cracked a rib and experienced excruciating pain. He felt his rib move in the meeting. For the first time in a couple weeks, he slept through the night pain-free!

Angelic presence—woman felt a hand stroke her right cheek and heard the Lord say, “I love you lots and lots like Smarties.” Smarties is the name of her favourite candy.

Kris prophesied over a young woman, she said she saw a vision of her taking the hand of Jesus and sat in His lap, and then she was the Golden Gate in heaven.

Worship leader fully healed of neck injury and hip pain from car/whiplash accident 4 years ago.

Laughed with a woman and God totally healed her knees from pain and soreness

18 year old girl’s sinuses opened up for the first time in 18 years.

10 year old boy delivered from intense fear and anxiety when Chad hugged him. Also, healed of a polio-like illness which kept him from making a fist, he was able to hold onto objects (pen and keychain) in his hand.

Woman healed from sore throat and pain in the uterus decreased significantly.

Young woman’s right eye had a cataract that changed from gray to blue and began to see light with it.

Pachauri refuses to step down | Video |

Pachauri refuses to step down | Video |

March 16 – Chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), R K Pachauri, said he would not resign for making claims that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by the year 2035, which he termed as “one mistake”.

Some climate researchers have criticized the IPCC in recent days for over-stating the speed of shrinking of Himalayan glaciers, whose seasonal thaw helps to supply water to many nations including India and China.

An ANI Report.

Music and Art as Prayer

Going over older notes I found the quotes following below, which are by `Abdu’l-Bahá, who is the leading force of the so called Bahá’í Faith, one of the many areas of previous exploration. For those of you curious about Bahá’í Faith, it is a movement that departs from the premise that throughout history, God revealed Himself to humanity through a series of divine Messengers, whose teachings guide and educate us and provide the basis for the advancement of human society. These Messengers have included Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. Their religions come from the same Source and are in essence successive chapters of one religion from God. Bahá’u’lláh, of whom the quotes below come, is the considered to be latest of these Messengers, brought new spiritual and social teachings for our time. His essential message is of unity. He taught the oneness of God, the oneness of the human family, and the oneness of religion. Bahá’í Faith was founded more than a century ago. (More about it can be read here >>>)

The art of music must be brought to the highest stage of development, for this is one of the most wonderful arts and in this glorious age of the Lord of Unity it is highly essential to gain its mastery. However, one must endeavour to attain the degree of artistic perfection and not be like those who leave matters unfinished. —

Rejoice to hear that thou takest pains with thine art, for in this wonderful new age, art is worship. The more thou strivest to perfect it, the closer wilt thou come to God. What bestowal could be greater than this, that one’s art should be even as the act of worshipping the Lord? That is to say, when thy fingers grasp the paintbrush, it is as if thou wert at prayer in the Temple.

At the time I could imagine the beauty of the concept but by now, as a Christian it has become more and more of a real  thing for  me. The connection of art, music and faith is not a new one. Throughout history many incredible artists have been associated with Christianity. A visit to most any museum or the Vatican will make it pretty much clear that Christianity has been an incredible inspiration for many (an the same applies by the way for other belief systems). The connection between art, music (and literature) has been strong throughout the centuries but for some reason especially in the case of the visual arts this seems to have been valued less valuable or important in the twentieth century and onwards. Where there was and is attention for it more than once is turns out to be market driven “copy-catting” or avant-garde elitism.


An initial hurdle appears to be posed by having arts seen as an actual profession. The concept of being a professional artist does not seem to come natural to everyone. Admittedly it is somewhat easier nowadays when you are into music or design, but how many of us know at least someone that got told “what about you try to get a real job” or “how about you first learn to do something useful.” In addition to this we all know probably one example of someone making it known to his pastor or reverend that he is an artist to be told that “the choir can always use more singers.” In that sense the church more than once appears to be a reflection of the material world, in which there is not always a place for the artist (other than music).

The life story of Van Gogh, one of my favourite Dutch artists is probably highly illustrative. Van Gogh was initially trained to be part of the Dutch pastorate. However, he found out early that he was not so-called “pastor material” or a “leader.” That is in the more traditional sense of the word.

At the same time however he longed deeply to serve with his gifts, it was just that the church had no place for him. Instead of accepting him and welcoming someone with such unique abilities and talents, he was cast aside and now, looking back, see what the church has lost with that.

Which brings us to the question: how can artists benefit their churches and is there a need to consider the possibility of a community based approach involving the local churches. That however will be subject of another post I guess, once ideas on that have crystallized out some more.

In this post I would like to concentrate more on the subject of music and art as a form of prayer.

Music and Art as Prayer

When I speak of music or art as an act of prayer, I think of active prayer. I think of an awareness that every act undertaken with a spiritual awareness will lead to a spiritual effect. The art or music becomes the way through which the artist prayer is manifested. It is important to understand that the music or art does not become prayer because of the the subject, symbolism, imagery of a particular creation. When I think of art or music as prayer I think of it as a conscious connection to God. Your studio, practice room, stage become a “temple,” a place of worship in which you are continuously trying to perfect the use of your skills as a way to glorify His name, a way to be taken to where he wants you to be, to BE who He wants you to be, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore you will want to be at the top of your abilities i only to be able to respond as adequately as possible to His calling. Being at the peak of your abilities; is that not a great way to express your gratitude for your God given talent? Is that not a beautiful way to express the love of God, the beauty of His creation? Looking back at a long secular history, I have personally enjoyed noticing the difference, in fact  could probably admit that  the calling was there at all times but I was too busy with my own glory to see or hear his calling and His guidance.

Some of the experiences  associate with the connection:

  • Emotional responses to what I see, hear, play even. A deep sense of connection. The child-like experience is back, that sense of utter amazement of “wow” with what you hear and see.
  • A distorted sense of time or even the complete loss thereof.
  • The disappearance of self-consciousness so often reflected in a fear of failure.
  • Effort, focus, concentration, patience (which used to not be my strongest virtue), endurance, it all seems to come easy.
  • A renewed set of eyes and ears, a renewed type of inspiration that makes it possible to see differently, hear differently and process differently in the musical setting and as far as photography is concerned an eye for things that would go unnoticed before.
  • The separation between music and the musician (me) appears to vanish and at times it is as if the music plays by itself.
  • A deep sense of being in God.

The are challenges of course and I guess he biggest comes from your own ego: the belief that you are working for God instead instead of God working through you. This is where self-consciousness comes in and relating it back to a previous post on payer, this is where you are to busy talking to listen.

Nouwen: Prayer is first of all listening to God. It’s openness. God is always speaking; he’s always doing something. Prayer is to enter into that activity. … Prayer in its most basic sense is just entering into an attitude of saying, “Lord, what are you saying to me?”

Foster: The problem with describing prayer as speaking to God is that it implies we are still in control. But in listening, we let go. … The spiritual life is not something we add onto an already busy life. What we are talking about is to impregnate and infiltrate and control what we already do with an attitude of service to God.

Recently I wrote in response to a post on the very subject:

I notice His presence in the emotional responses, enhanced ability to hear and react/respond, loss of sense of time, a complete loss of self-consciousness an fear of failure, an intense feeling of joy/bliss without any personal pride. In short it is fantastic to have Him run the show.

The separation between musician and music seems to completely disappear and the music seems at times to be playing by itself. All I can say it it’s a great place to be.

Referring back to what was said by Nouwen and Foster and relating it back to the subject here it comes down to being quiet yourself and let God do the talking. As an artist this can only mean that you want to be at he best of your abilities if only to be able to fully express what God has to say, to you and through you.

Jason Upton’s song “In your Presence” is probably the best way to describe my thoughts and feelings and it actually illustrates the challenges as well:

Father I am waiting,
I need to hear from You.

To know that You’re approving
of what I say and do.

Cause nothing really satisfies
like when You speak my name.

So tell me that You’ll never leave
and everything will be okay.

In Your presence, all fear is gone, in Your presence.
In Your presence, is where I belong, in Your presence.

Father I’m returning
to things I used to do.

Cause somewhere on the journey
I think I lost hold of the truth.

But nothing really satisfies
like when You speak my name.

So tell me that You’ll never leave
and everything will be okay.

In Your presence, all fear is gone, in Your presence.
In Your presence, is where I belong, in Your presence.

(Lyrics found here>>>)

torically there appears to be a rise of the influence of the Gospel and with that a rise of its influence in the arts. This connection has been strong throughout the centuries but for some reason seem seems to have been valued less valuable or important in the twentieth century. Where there was and is attention for it more than once is turns out to be market driven “copy-catting” or avant-garde elitism. TRULY SERVANT BASED CREATIVITY appears to be a RARE OCCASION


How to Write a Great Novel: The Ten Best Fiction Writing Tips in Print

I know there are many out there that are working on writing a book. Therese Haberman shares some very helpful insight:

Writing a great novel is a challenging but rewarding undertaking. Understanding the key elements of what makes a book great before putting pen to the parchment can save a potential author many months of effort and editing. The following principles will guide those future Hemingway’s, who are willing to take heed and hard-earned advice.

Her fiction writing tips in summary:

  1. Don’t Write Anything that Does Not Move the Story Along

  2. Have More Front Story than Back Story to Keep the Reader’s Interest Intact

  3. Find a Sounding Board or Focus Group Who Will Not Try to Get Inside the Author’s Head

  4. Focus First and Foremost on Intricate Character Development

  5. Make Your Settings Shine With Exquisite Detail

  6. Maintain Emotional Truth

  7. Limit Any Coincidentals

  8. Lose Any and All Cliches

  9. Edit No More Than Twice

  10. Think of a Novel in Terms of the Beats and Rests of a Musical Symphony

I loved the post and I suggest you read the complete post as well  at How to Write a Great Novel: The Ten Best Fiction Writing Tips in Print.

More on Therese Haberman can be found here >>>