Pen and Paper

Someone asked me today if I had taken it easier in the writing here at the Desk of the Renaissance Man, in terms of writing. At the same time I had the feeling that I had been writing more than ever lately. But on closer examination, I guess the person was right in asking. While I have been entrusting a lot of ideas and thoughts to paper, somehow I ended up doing that in my notebook as opposed to here on the computer.

I don’t know about you but for me pen and paper seems to work best and work it out on the computer after that. I am curious now, how is that with other bloggers or writers? For some reason it seems that there I get a better flow and less distractions when  write in my journal. I still have trouble entrusting things to the computer straight away. If you want to maintain a blog on a regular basis that does pose somewhat of a hassle as you are basically doing everything twice. At the same time, I find it helpful to do it like this where the computer version is often a more refined version of what initially went in the journal.

  • What is the process for other bloggers out there?
  • How do you avoid distractions when you write straight into the computer?

Lately I have been wondering about the option of speech recognition software, whereby you avoid using paper altogether? Do any bloggers out there have any experience with that and if so please share. As for me, I am off now preparing some new posts for the coming week, so keep coming back.

The picture above here is one that sorta reflects how gather my ideas, a journal, books or articles, coffee and (less and less) cigarettes.
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