Rapanui, Sumner, Christchurch

With three boys, the beach is always a great place to go and that’s exactly what we did the other Sunday afternoon. Sumner is a great place to do just that, have the boys climb the rocks, dig an build sandcastles and other structures and just enjoy the sound of the ocean. Weather wise we were not that lucky as it started to cloud and fog up. At the same time that made for some beautiful pictures. We parked the car an got on the beach near shag rock, at the start of the estuary. It is funny how some things you start to take for granted and that had certainly been my case where it comes to the landmark Shag Rock.

Rapanui or Shag Rock stands at the entrance to the Heathcote/Avon estuary. This distinctive rock, known as Rapanui since Waitaha times, is one of the oldest landmarks of the South Island. Rapanui means “the great sternpost”. It marked the way into the estuary, a guiding stone indicating the vast wetlands beyond that in pre-pākehā days extended across the present site of Christchurch. (Source: http://christchurchcitylibraries.com/tikoukawhenua/rapanui/

And since a picture says more than a thousand words here some additional shots of the beautiful scenery.

And Rapanui was not the only discovery to be made. While walking along the beach I saw something white that looked like a skull, and indeed it was with the rest of the seal still attached to it and half gone and then there were the enormous laps of seaweed that can only make you imagine what incredible forests there must be below the surface.

What a great day it turned out to be despite the weather.

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