4 Ways to Formatting Images for the Internet

I don’t really think it’s unreasonable that a lot of photographers out there aren’t entirely savvy about all aspects of technology. Take me for instance: I can barely figure out all that @soandso and #britneyspears. If you use Twitter, you’ll know what I mean. If not, then you’re lost with me.

So here I am writing a painfully simple introduction to preparing your images for viewing on the internet and the 4 top ways I accomplish this.

Why do anything to your photos before uploading them to your blog? File size is a big reason. Full-sized images can be 4,000 pixels wide (their eyeball will take up your screen at that size) and uploading it will take dog’s years, use up precious space on your account and when viewers view it, it won’t pop up instantly on their screen. It will take a few seconds to download. So that’s reason one. Reason two is that if someone was so inclined to swipe your image, they could steal it at the original size and do pretty much whatever they want. Not a huge likelihood, but lots of people are concerned about that sort of thing.

A treatment you can add to your images is sharpening for the screen to enhance the look of your image on a computer screen. Not to be used for printing, but very useful for Facebook (FB sucks by the way – they take resolution down to a detestable bare minimum).

Here are four ways I prepare my images for the internet depending on my mood

A very nice an helpful article, at least for me, but then again I am only a beginner at all this.

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