Add2Any Share Button for blogs

At Dierckx& Associates, my business website, I have been using an addtoany button that is automatically generated to each post. Alas I was not aware that there was a similar option for my blog here. Just tonight  had to find out that there actually is such an option available for your blog like this one as well. I tried it in the previous post and myst say I am quite happy with the user friendliness of this option.

For years publishers have been clamoring to get a social bookmarking button properly integrated on their blogs.  We’re very aware that people have gone to great lengths to get AddToAny’s share button inserted below their posts. Minh of Digital Citizen wrote a fantastic post on how to place AddToAny in posts but that was still a pretty involved process.

Since April 2009 as it turns out there was a way more convenient option available: a share button inserter for

With Share button integration, your readers and visitors have access to every relevant sharing and bookmarking service (including email) and you never have to worry about maintenance, upgrades, etc.  Here’s an example share button that was actually inserted into this post with the Share Button inserter:


Doing this yourself is very easy now.  If you have the WordPress “Press It” button, you’ll feel right on home installing your inserter.  In most browsers (sans Internet Explorer), you’ll simply drag the “bookmarklet” (so it’s called) onto your browser’s link toolbar. (Internet Explorer’s just a little different though directions are available.) From there, the process is simple. You’ll publish a post, press the Share Button you installed and bam — Share button is inserted and you have successfully enabled social bookmarking on your post!  Save changes and you’re done.

If you were not aware of this option already and I admit I am considerably late in discovering it, I suggest you go get  one yourself. It works like a charm.


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