Climate Change Apologetics: a new field?

I am not going into the who’s right or wrong here. What I do like to point out is that it is all too easy to fall for the “vox populi.” The climate change matter is one with many angle and most of all many different political agendas that may well have nothing to do with something unrelated to climate change.

As a Christian it makes sense to take good care of our planet, God’s creation. But that does not necessarily mean that you need to agree with carbon emission schemes and global governance agendas that seem to be behind all this. If there is anything that this video outlines it is that it is not smart to base your opinions on scientific reports issue by campaigning organizations (the Al Gore traveling circus, Greenpeace) without checking the other options and data as well as the integrity thereof. At the same time if there is anything the recent developments appear to show is that scientists have a responsibility to make available in understandable terms the data that opposes or better yet respectfully answers the matters raised by climate change promoters.

I see a new area emerging here: Climate change Apologetics, analogue to Christian Apologetics. I don’t think that anyone will deny that climate change is real and has been forever. At the same time we are supposed to believe that the climate change is caused by men and that in turn is supposed to support political initiatives such as global governance and emission trading schemes, with all the costs associated with that for business and the individual in the end. Being exposed as an uninformed protester is certainly not helping your case if you are a “believer” of the verly likely to be “false teachings.”

For New Zealand I guess we can therefore give a big thank you to amongst others Ian Wishart for sticking his neck out amongst others through his book AIR CON ( and his magazines.

Most of all this video and the “round 2” one illustrates that we have an obligation to ourselves to be informed where “objective science” is being used to dramatically change out lives in terms of regulation, governance and finances.

So,…. off you go, start looking around and start thinking for yourself.

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