The 21 Most Popular Photography Posts on DPS in 2009

To celebrate the arrival of 2010 and a whole new decade I thought I’d take a quick look back on the year that was here at DPS and share a list of the most visited tutorials and image collections on the site in the last 365 days. Enjoy!

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Kind of Blue Album Miles Davis – Kind of Blue Review of Album by Miles Davis –

The synergic effect is at work throughout Kind of Blue, endowing it with a mysterious tension, made more striking by the foundation over which it is stretched. The heads, all composed by either Davis or Evans, are almost shocking in their simplicity. The opening track, “So What,” is famous for containing a total of four notes, and only two chords. In doing away with the intricate changes present in bebop, Davis destroyed preconceived notions of jazz, and helped create “modal jazz.”

Each of the solos on Kind of Blue are nearly perfect. Davis’ Harmon-muted tone is unforgettable, and his improvisations are vulnerable, concise, and filled with thoughtful space. Each of the other band members follows suit, and the result is a rich, consistent, and vibrant sound. There is almost a sense of physical space constructed with each listening, as though the music invites the audience into a room designated for contemplation and reflection.

One of my favorite albums a definitely recommended listening.

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When Jonathan Galassi president of Farrar, Straus & Giroux speaks everybody listens | Red Room

The distinguished publisher Jonathan Galassi contributed an Op-Ed Contribution in The New York Times where his main argument is,”A publisher selects, nurtures, positions and promotes a writer’s work, while an e-book distributor is a purveyor of work that has already been created.” [ There’s More to Publishing Than Meets the Screen ]. 

When Jonathan Galassi speaks everybody listens.  There was a wave of reactions and tweets and retweets by a lot of people ranging from the newbie Twitterer through to the highly influential. [ Twitter Trackbacks for Op-Ed Contributor – There’s More to Publishing Than Meets the Screen – on ].

A great read for those interested in the latest developments in the publishing world.

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