A Small Business Network Security Survey

Many of today’s small businesses use PCs and a server network to facilitate their operations. Vital company information is stored in electronic format on these networks, and daily operations are dependent on the network being both available and secure. In many cases, these small businesses ignore or are unaware of the risks that could compromise the safety of the data. To better know these issues, two hundred of these small businesses were interviewed about their network security. Companies ranged from those with ten employees or less, to those with over a hundred staff members. Over half of the survey respondents believed that their network was adequately safe or very secure. A large number of respondents did admit that they doubted their defenses against an attack. This isn’t too surprising, as nearly all businesses have experienced some type of security threat in the last year, from lost computers or back-up takes, hacker attacks, viruses, or theft by employees. The top three threats reported were: 1) Trojan horse or virus attacks 2) Stolen or lost computers, including data storage devices 3) Employee theft or hacker attack Company defenses reported include: 1) Virus Protection 2) Firewall 3) Spyware Protection 4) Spam Filters Recommendations: Most companies reported that they lacked a smart password policy, automated patch management, and employee network use policies.

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