Many times when people consider visiting Christchurch they ask me where should I go. Well for those considering visiting Christchurch in this time of the year and the upcoming holiday season, I can definitely recommend a nice short walk through the Monavale garden.  The gardens and landscaped lawns roll down gently to the Avon River and feature some beautiful plantings and a Rose garden. I make it a habit to at least visit this place once a year and every year again I am blown away it. (If not because of the beauty that most certainly my hay fever will remind me all these incredible flowers). Lilies, Roses and so much more.

The central rose garden attracts many visitors every year but most definitely there is a lot to be seen outside the rose garden as well. Just look at the lily on the left.

The more you look  the more you see and each year it seems I ‘discover’ yet another beautiful corner or bed of flowers that I had not seen before.

And now with this interest in photography or let me be honest and humble, interest and joy in taking pictures, I can share this with you.

The sheer explosion of color, sight, and smell is overwhelming, especially in the rose garden. Both the overview and detail lead the visitor with an eye for beauty to one discovery after another.

A number of Monavale pictures have been uploaded to my Flickr photostream, so I will limit myself to some of the favorites of the favorites you will find there.

But if you love flowers and beautiful gardens and you are visiting Christchurch, don’t forget to visit Monavale.  And should you get hungry or thirsty, it is all there, great food, good wine, beautiful views and a very nice setting for a lunch or diner with a loved one on a nice summer afternoon or evening.

And don’t forget there’s more at Flickr >>>

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