Internet scammers seem to become an increasing worry or problem, especially for online job-seekers. The scams usually target vulnerable people. You will probably have seen some the emails or ads whereby you are supposed to be tempted by high salaries in return for vague or suspect jobs such as receiving cheques or payments and transferring funds or resending packages. On other occasions you are supposedly approached by an employer that wants to talk to you but before that the employer needs all kinds of information that you would not want to give out, such as your credit card details or your bank account information so they can first o a background check on you.

Here a typical type of scam:

  • A LOT FOR LITTLE EFFORT: the job advertised is typically what anyone would want, lots of money for little work.
  • THE BAIT AND HOOK: before you can start working on this fantastic opportunity you need to part of either some of your funds or information you do not want to give out.
  • THE SCAM: you have been lured into either an identity theft scam or a system that does not work and could even have you break the law. Your earnings will be virtually nothing.
  • THE METHODS: you might find advertisements for such jobs in your email box (of you do not use a good spam filter) or on some community notice board, the local newspaper or even on a street advertisement sign. The job typically involves working from home, earning loads of money, for little work, no prior expertise required or very little and you may even find such qualifications as “guaranteed” or “proven system.”

Many of these schemes will turn out to be scams such as money laundering schemes, pyramid schemes, advance fee frauds or identity theft scams. Here are some tips to protect yourself >>>
Happy Job Hunting

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