Social Media as an Investigative Tool (2)

Here you are a child of the previous generation. The generation in which privacy was still a great and hard fought good that needs adequate protection. Well here is a lesson for you: privacy is something of the past, it may not be completely dead yet but it sure smells funny. The developments of information technology and the internet have completely change the landscape. Virtually anything you want to know is available somewhere if you know where to look for it. Even things that used to belong to the “paper world” are now being OCR’ed and flicked into databases; telephone books, business listings, legal documents, you name it. If you make use of the internet, there will be a place somewhere to check out what you have been up to in virtual and real life. That may be a worry for you, younger generations seem less concerned with it and a shift seems to take place even amongst my ‘old’ peers.

Self generated content
This shift in attitude is probably best illustrated in the enormous amounts of so called self-generated content or self-contributions by people on the net: social networking profiles, blogs, status updates you name it.

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