Laptops are stolen or lost more and more. Up to 12,000 laptops were lost in US airports every week, seven out of ten Australian companies, organisations and government agencies saw their laptops stolen in the last year. Well there may be an option to recover the machine. Laptoptracker, the latest venture of John Foster of Surveillance Systems Australia, not only tracks a stolen machine, the address of anyone using it and – for those computers with built-in cameras – takes photos of the user, but it also allows the hardware’s rightful owner remote access to their files.

Not only does it track the location of the stolen machine, besides that it tracks the address of anyone using the machine. If your laptop has a built-in camera, Laptoptracker will take pictures of the user.

Whilst losing your laptop may be an inconvenience, more than once the data on the machine is what causes the greatest concern. Laptoptracker thought about that as well and allows the laptop’s rightful owner to access their data remotely. The system provides the rightful owner a physical address and name of an account holder using the machine to access their accounts, it provides an IP address an network IP address so you may be able to track the machine down to an organisation.

One small matter, if someone steals or finds your machine and formats the hard drive, the software doesn’t work but many of these machines are sold from the boot of a car according to Foster. In the near future a keylogger will be added to the feature and even a skype application enabling your to chat to the person using your machine. All in all something all of us laptop users may want to consider.

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