Preparation and Patience Go a Long Way: Interviewing a Scammer – John Dierckx

Over time two key factors have proven to be of key importance in relation to these type of interviews:

  • thorough preparation; and
  • patience.

The problem or I should say challenge with scam artists is that contrary to for instance internal fraudsters or employee thieves it is more difficult to bring them back to the point where they crossed an internal moral barrier.  Employee thieves or internal fraudsters are more easily brought back to that point where – driven by some perceived need – they crossed the line knowing fully well that what they were doing was illegal. This causes a certain anxiety that is subsequently rationalized away so as to ease that anxiety. Bringing them back to that point sometimes makes them confess and get rid of their feelings of guilt.  This is different for the scammer who simply does not think anything of ripping others of their money or even life savings.  They have no need to rationalize. Bringing them back to that point of anxiety is not even possible: there is none!

Posted via web from John Dierckx

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