Smacking referendum: No vote wins |

Almost 90 percent of people who participated in a referendum asking New Zealanders whether smacking should be illegal have voted no, preliminary results show.

A total of 1,622,150 votes were cast with 87.6 percent in favour of repealing the controversial new law.

The preliminary results from the $9 million citizens-initiated referendum which asked: “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” have just been released.

The Chief Electoral Office said it would now complete checks and count voting papers still to be received, before releasing the final result.

Based on the preliminary results there was a 54 percent voter turnout.

Prime Minister John Key said he had listened to the result of the referendum and plans to take some proposals to Cabinet on Monday.

Ironically on On the day the referendum on the controversial anti-smacking law closes, the law’s architect Green MP Sue Bradford has been recognized by psychologists for her contributions to the protection of children.

…”Her determination to proceed with her private member’s bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act was based on her belief that children should have the same protection from assault as adults.”

Full article here

Every now an then it is great to see that common sense actually prevails. Despite all the media campaigning for the “yes” vote common sense prevailed.

It is already one thing to compare a light smack with assault, but as posted before it is a considerably different matter to make a light correctional smack into a criminal offense. It was pushed through against public (read democratic) support because some parliament knew better than parents.

And look at media reports now: I am NOT for smacking, but that doesn’t mean I think a parental correctional little smack should be a criminal offense.
I am for leaving RESPONSIBLE PARENTS the FREEDOM OF CHOICE instead of running the risk of being a criminal because my child behaved or is behaving so terrible he deserves a light smack in my view.

Checked earlier on…. they all love me, or were they maybe so afraid they would not dare say otherwise.

Again, common sense prevailed. We said NO to a law that has not contributed to any real solution to the issue of child abuse and has already left a trail of unnecessarily criminalized or needlessly chased by CYF parents.

Now let’s see what really happens. Fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “Smacking referendum: No vote wins |

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    • Again, if you’d read what I said, as far as I am concerned this is not even about whether or not you are for or against smacking. It is about leaving parents a choice. The tone of your comment is sad as is shows that you are just as fundamental in your approach. Your blog further details that. Lighten up a little, even if smacking would be taken out of the Crimes Act and even it would expressly be allowed, than it is up to you to make your CHOICE, and fro your reply it is not so hard to gather what that choice will be. I do not condemn you for it, respect your choice, please respect that I would like freedom of choice in raising my children I DON’T NEED A GOVERNMENT TO MINGLE IN MY PRIVATE AFFAIRS. That’s for the nanny state lovers.

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