With a new desk for the the Renaissance Man I decided to have the WORLD THROUGH A MOBILE PHONE started again but in a different format. First of all, I (re)edit favorite pictures, initially posted in the gallery of my “old” RENAISSANCE MAN blog or not yet posted. Additionally, I noticed that while doing that, some specific ideas or thoughts came up as a result of looking at the picture or just working with it. So, instead of just posting the pictures they will be brought as illustrations of matters or thoughts posted here.

It all started on 1 January 2007. A beautiful day and we all decided that it good idea to go the beach in Sumner. In the recent years Sumner has been one of those spots that we all liked going to. A twenty minutes drive from where we live it is a very nice beach and its Esplanade for a walk that is more convenient if you don’t have an all terrain baby buggy. With three young boys it is not too hard to imagine why a beach works out great: sand, space, water, sun. Additionally and that seemed to have been a determining factor or the boys: you can buy chips and ice cream basically on the beach there. That day for some reason  I was more aware of the actually quite beautiful scenery.

The very first picture shot 1/1/2007 and redited more recently with Lightroom

I wished I had a camera with me. Walking on the Espanade I remembered; my mobile telephone (a Nokia) had a camera in it. Even though I had the phone for quite some time, I had never felt the urge to use the inbuilt camera. So I started taking some pictures and since it was too sunny to actually see how they had worked out, I would look at the results later in the car.

The pictures looked quite nice on the phone screen but after seeing these first pictures  on my computer screen I was initially disappointed by the quality. I realized that it was not the same as a normal camera but this was all quite grainy. The disappointed changed when I started editing the pictures to try and make them more presentable. I soon found out that the same low quality could actually be used to change the character of these pictures. Through editing you could actually give the pictures a different feel and as it turned out some of these pictures came out better than I ever hoped for. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

Hagley 004 (1 of 1)

This was all about using your limitations to your advantage; MAKE YOUR LIMITATIONS/WEAKNESSES YOUR STRENGTH.  The concept seemed to further proven by the very positive reactions that came back and the unexpected questions by photographers/photography enthusiasts, about the techniques I had been using to create that effect of a painting.

That advantage became extra clear, some two an a half years later when I was introduced to Adobe Lightroom by my cousin Martyn de Jong, a gifted young professional photographer from the Netherlands.

What a convenience: I could  now shoot pictures without having to think about taking a camera with me.  More important probably, without the risk of leaving the camera somewhere because my wandering mind forgot to think about taking it along.

I have a reputation for losing sun glasses. How things changed over time. By now, I could not imagine myself leaving the house without a camera anymore.  Shooting and editing pictures has turned into a favorite pass time and some of the results can be seen on my Flickr Photostream. (A box with the latest uploads is located in the right hand side menu bar.)


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