Beat the Recession, Sell Garbage!

I hear it all around. Business is suffering because of the recession: no one’s buying my products or services at the moment. But strangely enough other businesses are doing better than ever. Perhaps…. maybe, it is not so much that people are not buying, but that they are not buying what you have on offer or for the price you are offering it for. It is well known that if you ofer something that people want and if you offer enough value for their money they will buy it!

I remember well the story of (, the place where you can have a box holding a bag of dog doo to someone as a practical joke.

Garbage Sells if You Package it Right

Recently I came across a post about the New York based artist and entrepreneur Justin Gignac. Since 2001, as a challenge on the importance of package design he’s been selling ….. GARBAGE. Yes you read it right, garbage! Nicely packaged in in smell proof see through cubicles the garbage sells for $50 per cubicle or if you want “Limited Edition” garbage you’ll have to part from $100.

In the past eight years he sold over 1,200 cubes of New York City Garbage Cubicles that found a loving home in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Go and check out the website here >>> and if you’d like to see a number of pictures of these cubicles I suggest you check out the Photostream on Flickr.


5 thoughts on “Beat the Recession, Sell Garbage!

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    • Loved that story and must say I love your blog all together. I guess I have a lot to learn still when it comes to marketing. I will definitely come back to visit there and wil be adding it to my iGoogle pages.

      • Thanks John… glad to hear it.

        Also, I think everyone feels that way when it comes to marketing as it’s something you can never really master. I still spend every day listening to audios and improving my own skills.

        The great thing is it’s one of the most powerful skills in the world to have. There are millions of businesses out there but very few have the marketing savvy for success. So if you can pair your marketing smarts with a great product it’s a great way to earn a ton of cash.

        I look forward to seeing you around the blog.


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