Waikato people smack law down

Waikato residents have given overwhelming support to allowing parents to smack their children.

Some 92 per cent of Waikato people who plan to vote in the current postal referendum voting papers went out yesterday are against smacking of children being a criminal offence, according to a telephone survey of 409 people in a Waikato Times-Versus telephone poll.

The poll was run this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The results are a continuation of the high popularity for sanctioning smacking that has registered in national and regional polls for the past four years.

But the Government has already said it won’t change the two-year-old law, which Prime Minister John Key thinks is working well.

The Times poll showed 70 per cent of Waikato residents planned to vote in the referendum, with that rising as high at 78 per cent within Hamilton. Females (76 per cent) were also more likely to vote.

Residents were asked: “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?” Just 8 per cent said yes.

Why am I not surprised? The support for smacking as part of parental corrections have always been there. It was typically a law that was pushed through by someone with very specific view on parenting.

Whatever your view: the key question of course is HOW FAR CAN A STATE INTERFERE IN FAMILY LIFE?

If I go from the first results, the Anti-smacking legislation is considered by the overwhelming majority as going too far. So that leaves us with the referendum: I can’t help but feeling that I need to vote because of the importance of the subject but at the same time that it is a useless exercise as nothing will change as a result of it, regardless of the outcome?
Is this not a lot of wasted money?

And, where can I find some clarity on how this law has been of influence not so much on Police involvement in parental matters but of CYFS involvement?
Anyone any suggestions or links, please let me know.

Posted via web from John Dierckx

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