Gorilla HIV Strain Jumps to Humans

Not just chimpanzees but also gorilla's can transfer the virus that causes aids in humans. A 62 year old woman from Cameroon, living in France, is suffering from an HIV strain that stems from gorillas, according to French researchers in Nature Medicine.
It was already known that gorillas had their own HIV strain but it turns out now that this strain can be transmitted to humans.

The woman from Cameroon found out when she tested positive for HIV after moving from Cameroun to Paris. She had never been in contact with gorillas or gorilla meat but has been with men from Cameroon that may be carriers of the virus.

The woman does not show symptoms of aids yet.

For those planning a holiday to the regions and thinking about eating bush meat as part of the experience: perhaps think again. According to ABC there is evidence of a link between towards the bush meat trade.

More can be found here:

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