Robbery Captured on Google Streetview

Karin Sitalsing of “De Volkskrant” a Dutch newspaper, reported how the Dutch Police was able to arrest to men in relation to a street robbery.
The two men, 24 year old twin brothers without a permanent residential address were recognized on a picture in Google Streetview. The Police admitted it was one very lucky shot.

A 14 year old boy filed a criminal complaint in relation to a street robbery of which he was a victim. He had been pulled of his bike by a man ater which another man sat on top of him after which the two men took his mobile phone and 165 Euro. Half a year later the victim found a picture of himself and the two robbers in Google Streetview and cntacted the police immediately.

Tge Dutch Police contacted Google because the faces on the picture had been made unrecognizable. When the original pictures came in from Google, the men were recognized. The brother reciognized themselves on the pictures but denied having committed the robbery. Other denials and admissions make it at this stage unclear if and on what basis the men will be prosecuted.

Source: de Volkskrant

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