Submission Part 1- What Theo van Gogh was murdered for

Quite disturbing. Not so much from a perspective of Islam bit more of what people make it to be. Could it be that errors in interpretation are at the basis of all the religious turned to politics conflicts. I read the Quaran and I don’t see how it would set up for violence any more tha the bible does?

I think this is a movie of what happens when words of wisdom, ;love and compassion are misinterpreted similarly to Christian intolerance.

This is actually not a movie about Islam bit a movie about how we lost touch with “God” him or herself. A similar movie coul be made quoting the Bible.

I can’t stop wondering whether there is a deeper message behind a movie like this as opposed to to a rant against Islam. On a basic level all these religious movements are about spirituality, love, compassion, connectedness and human wholeness. On a practical ;level, interpretation and misinterpretation appears to be standing n the way. This could just as well be an eye opner for those Christians, Hindus, Islamists, Confusians, or whatever religion or belief system to not lose sight of what t is really about on any of them: love compassion, in the deepest sense of their meaning?

So if you are a Muslim, read it as a reminder, if you are a Christian, if you are of any other faith read it as a reminder as well that extremism and fundamentalism may very well cloud the underlying messages of your own belief system.

Posted via web from John Dierckx