Police offer $20,000 as reward to find missing woman’s body | NATIONAL News

Police have offered a reward of up to $20,000 to find the body of Christchurch woman Tisha Lowry – or the person who disposed of it.

Lowry, 29, was last seen when she waved goodbye to her grandfather on September 25 at the Bower Tavern in suburban New Brighton.

Police think she made it home, but have no idea what happened to her afterwards.

The reward is for information that helps find her or her body, or leads to the conviction of those responsible for her disappearance or death.

Immunity from prosecution is being offered for accomplices.

Detective Senior Sergeant Virginia Le Bas said it was now eight months since Lowry was last seen.

Someone must have the information needed to lead police and her family to her, she said.

“People do not usually disappear by themselves; someone has the key.”

The reward notice said Lowry was known to have gone to her home in Hampshire Street, Aranui.

Le Bas called on people with information to come forward so that the family can have some peace.

Lowry’s mother, Tanya Lowry has said she suspects her daughter was the victim of foul play.

“I don’t believe in my heart at all that she’s laughing or talking anywhere in New Zealand,” she has said.

She thought she had been taken from her grandfather’s house, where she was staying, by someone she knew.

She acknowledged that her daughter had been fighting with her boyfriend before she disappeared.

She had two brothers and a sister and her disappearance was hard on the whole family, Lowry said.

Police have spoken to more than 3000 people in their hunt.

The reward offer is open to the end of the year.

Souce: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/police-post-20-000-tisha-lowry-reward-2780976#

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