John’s Headquarters

john-relaxed-02-copy Hi there,

What do you do if there is more to you than just this one John, the guy that deals with fraud, the guy wit a wide range of interests, from arts to martial arts, from business to philosophy, from fraud to religion, from jazz to cooking and most of all seeing that they are all interconnected.

I guess for those interested in this twisted mind this is the perfect place to start because this is where I will be bringing it all together, using RSS feeds and by just posting everything here in a random order yet categorized.

Getting tired of browsing over all my different blogs and networks and sites? Me too!  So, I could only imagine that you would be as well.

So here’s my thought, why not bring al things together on this one blog where you can folow the rest as it pleases you. And that is exactly what I plan to do here.

What’s in it for you?

For those that are really, truly interested in what I am up to and what is on my mind, here is you central place to get a good view on who I am, what keeps me occupied and how to get to know me or even befriend me.

Give me some time and this will become the John Dierckx central if only because it helps me keeping up with me.

I look forward to our conversations.